Consigned loan due in bank and dirty name

Ask for a paycheck loan due in the bank and with dirty name… It is possible. Yes! You are in need of money for yesterday, you are looking for an internet credit promoter, which is one of the easiest ways to apply for a payroll loan, choose the bank of your choice, do the simulation, sign the contract and send all necessary documentation.

After all this, the contract is entered into the system for the proposal to go through the credit table and endorsement… after a few hours or days, your agent will notify you that the loan has been disapproved. A big question mark is in the air, and the question is asked – what happened? Those who usually borrow money in the payroll form will occasionally come across surprises like this, especially after these acquisitions and partnerships between banks that are becoming more and more constant.

” Some institutions do not approve the credit if the applicant is owed in the bank or with internal restrictions, that is, with debts and financial arrears.” A real case is the BMG / ITAÚ bank, if the contractor has financial problems internally, such as cards, credit limit, overdraft, general debts or loans in arrears, it is better to look for another institution.

Facilities of same consignment due in the bank

“One of the main characteristics that the payroll loan offers is precisely the flexibility in the credit assessment”

This flexibility ensures that the applicant, regardless of whether he or she is in the bank, full of overdrawn credit cards, checks returned in trade, late bank loans or any other outstanding debt, is not a hindrance to the release of the requested money.

Although we think of “loans,” we immediately imagine that most banks, financial institutions and credit institutions show much more interest in clients with good credit and clean name to lend their resources, however, there are dozens of banks in the financial system whose main goal is to deal with people who are under the name dirty and credit with restrictions.

# 1 – Consigned, option for who has dirty name

It is true that a large part of the working population, pensioners, pensioners, civil servants and civil servants are indebted to heavily indebted banks with large amounts of debts in numerous financial institutions, with financial backlog and credit restriction because they are named list of credit protector.

The payroll certainly provides immediate financial assistance for those applicants who are typically rejected in conventional credit operations because of their credit restrictions in various agencies.

# 2 – Consigned Banks

Today, if you can do a paycheck deductible loan at a discount, you have several specialized financial institutions and banks for your free choice, the best known is the BMG bank, Itaú’s partner and a leader in the follow-up.

# 3 – Types of authorized operations

In the consigned it is possible to make some specific loan operations:

1 – New loans, with freely assignable margin.
2 – Refinancing, made after having paid about 35% of the contract.
3 – Purchase of debt, in this operation the loan is sold to another bank.
4 – Portability, exchange the bank for interest reduction.

It is not possible to anticipate installments in the consignment or to make partial discharge, only the total discharge is accepted or the refinancing.

Conclusion : You already know that credit policies are constantly changing, but in this category of “bad credit and low score loans,” with a dirty name and due at the bank, payroll is the only modality that actually releases loans with expressive amounts without consulting bodies such as credit protector.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is worth to mention that you can make consignment loans even with restrictions and must in the bank, as long as your new request to borrow money is not done on it – if it is, will be refused in most cases and attempts. You should not have internal debts in the bank, this affects approval.

Gold Tip : Ask for your new loan in a bank that you have no financial or debt pending, eg, have a BMG review, do at Daycoval. By doing so this obstacle is solved.

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