Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation loans instant decision- Whats debt consolidation online?

Dear reader, debts, that inexhaustible source of unhappiness that month by month makes us rethink the meaning of our existence, is the theme today.

And it is that it is no secret to anyone that, when it comes to managing personal finances, most Mexicans are a more unfortunate disaster than a television production of Television.

For sample, a button: according to a recent study, almost 80 percent of the population has at least one debt, which is why that same percentage of people resort to the effort or informal sources of financing to get out of trouble.

And how did they get into debt at first? Another study gives us a clue by revealing that, on average, every Mexican who goes to a credit repair company owes a balance of almost 140 thousand pesos on their cards … and earns about 14 thousand pesos, that is, they owe their times 10 times salary!

Since we Mexicans have not yet discovered the way to live without money for 10 months, our shrewd editorial team was given the task of investigating what you can do in case the debts exceed you. Here we share some alternatives:

Whats debt consolidation online?

Also called debt unification, this debt consolidation strategy at this home page consists of paying with a single credit or loan the debts you have with different institutions. In this way, you can reduce the interest you are paying and only focus on debt.

But beware! Like when you embolden yourself in karaoke and take the microphone, consolidation may not be a good idea, particularly if the monthly payment you must cover sacrifices your liquidity or exceeds your ability to pay, after all, you have to keep eating, creature.

Fixed payment plans

If you suspect that your debts are nowhere to get out of control, negotiating a fixed payment plan may be a good option. Generally, through these schemes you can pay in terms ranging from 6 to 60 months, everything depends on the institution with which you have the debt.

Obviously, it is very likely that they charge you an interest to be able to access this scheme, something that may seem unattractive, but worth trying as long as, at some point (preferably before you die), you can finish paying.


When your debts are out of control, you can resort to restructuring, a scheme by which, as the name suggests, you are looking for ways to modify the debt conditions so that the person can catch up.

The disadvantage of this option is that, if you have to resort to it, it is very likely that you are desperate, and if we have learned anything from Mexicans throughout history, there is no worse scenario than having to go to the bank when you are desperate.


1. The desperation to borrow and then not know what the hell to do to get out of that mess is the Mexican’s main liability … and the bank’s greatest asset.

2. Debts are like parents’ house for a millennial: it can be hard, but it is not impossible to get out of them.