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Sometimes, we have to go beyond the simple comparison of monthly payments to find the most suitable credit offer. Indeed, some borrowers are easily seduced by the low amount of the monthly payment. For a credit to be truly beneficial, it must allow the borrower to repay more flexibly over the long term.

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It is therefore important to check the other terms and conditions of the credit before committing yourself. Compared to the monthly payment, some banks will be able to offer a low monthly payment, whereas in the end, the overall cost of the loan will be much higher than an offer with a higher monthly payment. Other elements are also to be checked as the possibilities of renegotiation of the loan during the loan period.
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In fact, it may be that during the repayment period, your financial situation improves, allowing you to repay your credit in full before the end of the contract. If some banks do not disapprove of early repayment, they may award you very high penalties. These penalties may, however, be canceled or negotiated before the contract is signed.

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Also make sure that any reduction or increase in your monthly payment will not cause additional costs. There is another element that you will have to negotiate before subscribing to an auto loan : the deferral of monthly payments. This is a very important element as your financial situation can get complicated one day.

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In this case, you can ask the bank that offers the credit if it would be possible in this type of situation to change the date of collection of the monthly payment. If the opportunity arises, check the number of monthly payments that you can carry forward with the possible penalties provided in case of postponement of monthly payments.