Auto Loan

Focus on auto loan

You want to offer a new car when the state of your finances does not allow you? Whether the car of your dreams is a new car or a used car, you can have fun without having to touch your wool stocking or one of your investments.

Auto Loan Application

Indeed, you can opt for the most convenient and also the most advantageous solution by subscribing a car loan in the sense of a consumer credit.

Thus, you will be entitled to a loan that will allow you to buy your new car without having disbursed any amount of money. An auto loan will also offer great convenience in the repayment of your deadlines because you will have the opportunity to manage your loan at any time. Thus your monthly payments will be constant and even in the case of certain lending organizations, you will have the power to change the date of your deduction or to postpone it or reduce it or increase it according to the evolution of your financial situation.

In addition, by contracting a car loan, the possibility of taking out insurance to cover your loan is also possible. So, by choosing insurance that’s right for you, you can protect both your family and yourself!

Indeed, this insurance will be able to endorse the payment of your deadlines or the rest of the capital of the debt to pay if, of unfortunate adventure, you lose your job or if you find yourself in a disability incapacity even a case of death.

Regarding the terms and conditions of a car loan, the purchase of new or used vehicles under 2 years or even second-hand vehicles of 2 years or more are part of the conditions for access to the loan.

Regarding the amount granted by the car loan for the purchase of your new car, it must not exceed the sum of € 75,000. And often a ceiling of 35 000 € is established for the purchase of a second-hand vehicle of 2 years and more. Moreover, for the annual percentage rate of charge (APR), in most cases, it varies between 5.31% and 15.89%.